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John Denver - personal data
John Denver and his music / career
"music and communication" - John Denver Club in Germany

John Denver - personal data

John Denver and his music / career            (to the top)

"music and communication" - John Denver Club in Germany          (to the top)

 John Denver - personal data        (to the top)

When and where was John born?        (to the top)
On December 31, 1943, in Roswell/New Mexico, as Henry John Deutschendorf jr.

How tall was he?        (to the top)
From our own observations - between 175 and 180 cm... (which is around 5 ft 10)

Was John married, does he have children?        (to the top)
John was married twice - from 1967 to 1982 to Ann Marie Martell (whom he made known throughout the world with "Annie's Song") and from 1988 to 1992 to Cassandra Delaney.
With Annie, he has two adopted children, Zachary (born May 23, 1974) and Anna Kate (born December 19, 1976), with Cassandra his daughter Jesse Belle (born May 18, 1989).

You can see a recent picture of the three of them here.
Zachary lives in Basalt, Colorado. Since October 2011, he has been the father of a little daughter. Anna Kate lives in New Zealand with her husband Jamie - they also have a little daughter, born in December 2011. Jesse is a budding artist, painting, photographing and creating jewelry, and lives in Colorado.

Does he have any siblings, what is known about his parents?        (to the top)
John has a brother, Ronald Lee, who is five years younger than him. He lives in California with his family.
His father, Henry John Deutschendorf sr., was an Air Force Pilot and died on March 15, 1982 at the age of 62.
His mother, Erma Louise Deutschendorf Davis, died on Jan. 17, 2010 at the age of 87 in Denver.

Did he ever take singing lessons?        (to the top)
To our knowledge - no!

Which profession did he learn?        (to the top)
He studied architecture, but he gave it up to concentrate on music.

What was important to John besides his music?        (to the top)
John was/is well known for his commitment to world peace, protection of the environment and animals as well as the fight against hunger besides his career.
He (co-)founded several organizations which are still working for those goals, so The Hunger Project, Windstar and Plant-It 2000 (now Plant-It 2020).
Besides this, he supported countless organizations, among them:

  • Presidential Commission on World & Domestic Hunger (während der Regierungszeit von Präsident Carter)
  • The Cousteau Society
  • National Space Institute
  • World Federalists Association
  • Friends of the Earth
  • EST
  • The Kushi Foundation
  • Human/Dolphin Foundation
  • Music Association of Aspen
  • Aspen Center for Environmental Studies
  • The Challenger Center

How did he die / where is his grave?        (to the top)
John died on October 12, 1997, when a small plane, type Long EZ, he was piloting crashed close to the coast near Monterey/California.
The NTSB states that a chain of reasons caused the accident.
Most likely, John ran out of fuel - to switch to the other tank, he had to turn around in the plane. Doing so, he probably hit the elevator with his foot, what caused the plane to nosedive. Since he was flying rather low, John was not able to pull it out.
Suicide was, by the way, ruled out as a probable cause immediately, and blood tests showed that, against first rumors, he had consumed neither alcohol nor drugs.
There is no grave - John's body was cremated and the ashes were taken to Colorado, where they were scattered in the mountains around Aspen. It was not said where exactly this was done.
There is a memorial in Aspen, the John Denver Sanctuary. A larger-than-life bronze statue was put up on the Windstar Land in memory of John on Oct. 12, 2002. When the Windstar Land was sold several years later, the statue was moved to the Red Rocks Theater near Denver -- the Trading Post there also holds a little John Denver exhibition.

How can I get in touch with John's family / Ron?        (to the top)
Unfortunately the PO Box, which had been given to us as a contact address initially, was closed in the meantime, so that, as sorry as we are, we are not able to help you in this regard...

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John Denver and his music / career         (to the top)

How often was John in Germany?           (to the top)
John was on tour in Germany six times


Which albums did he release?           (to the top)
In the course of years, the market regarding releases became more and more confusing.
Again and again, pretended new albums appear, which have the same contents in the end (especially, the material from "An Evening with John Denver" is available on countless different albums...) and there are lots of compilations of the same recordings over and over.
The most important John Denver albums should be those:

  • 1969 - Rhymes And Reasons
  • 1970 - Take Me To Tomorrow
  • 1970 - Whose Garden Was This?
  • 1971 - Poems, Prayers and Promises
  • 1971 - Aerie
  • 1972 - Rocky Mountain High
  • 1973 - Farewell Andromeda
  • 1973 - John Denver’s Greatest Hits
  • 1974 - Back Home Again
  • 1975 - An Evening With John Denver
  • 1975 - Windsong
  • 1975 - Rocky Mountain Christmas
  • 1976 - Live In London
  • 1976 - Spirit
  • 1977 - John Denver’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2
  • 1977 - I Want To Live
  • 1978 - Live at The Sydney Opera House
  • 1979 - John Denver
  • 1979 - A Christmas Together
  • 1980 - Autograph
  • 1981 - Some Days Are Diamonds
  • 1981 - Perhaps Love (Placido Domingo with John Denver)
  • 1982 - Seasons Of The Heart
  • 1983 - Rocky Mountain Holiday
  • 1983 - It's About Time
  • 1984 - John Denver’s Greatest Hits, Volume 3
  • 1985 - Dreamland Express
  • 1986 - One World
  • 1988 - Higher Ground
  • 1989 - Stonehaven Sunrise
  • 1989 - Christmas, Like A Lullaby
  • 1990 - Earth Songs
  • 1990 - The Flower That Shattered The Stone
  • 1991 - Different Directions
  • 1995 - The Wildlife Concert
  • 1996 - John Denver – Love Again
  • 1997 - All Aboard
  • 1998 - Forever John
  • 2001 - Sing Australia
  • 2002 - Harborlights Concert
  • 2002 - Christmas In Concert
  • 2004 - A Song's Best Friend
  • 2007 - Live in the USSR
  • 2010 - Live At Cedar Rapids

Which are his two or three best known hits (judging from sales figures or popularity)? (to the top)
The best known songs are probably "Take Me Home, Country Roads", "Annie's Song", "Leaving, On A Jet Plane", "Sunshine On My Shoulders", "Rocky Mountain High", "Calypso" and "Perhaps Love" (duet with Placido Domingo).

Since so many people are searching for this - other than many sources state, the song "Jessie Paints A Picture" was not written nor ever recorded by John Denver, but by Joshua Kadison.

Which was the first song John ever wrote?            (to the top)
According to his own statement, at first there was a a song "Sitting on the bank, of a lazy little stream".
In the documentary "Let This Be A Voice" he sings the first two lines, all he still remembered in 1997... ;-)

Where can I get the music?           (to the top)
Good sources for CDs and DVDs on the internet are among others:

How can I get notes / lyrics?           (to the top)
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer lyrics and music for download here for legal reasons.
Along with almost each album, a songbook was published, and sheet music is available for many individual songs.
Just ask in your local music store.

Where can I find photos?           (to the top)
In our Photo-Albums
Big internet search engines like Google and Yahoo offer extensive possibilities to search for pictures.
In case you would like to use the pictures for e.g. Websites or articles, please keep in mind that most of the photos are copyright protected.

How many unknown, unreleased songs are still out there?           (to the top)
Songs John sang in his later concerts, but never/recorded/released are:

  • Blue Water World
  • Yellowstone (Coming Home)
  • Tropical Buzzin' (Kipahulu High) (Gone To Maui)
  • The Wandering Soul (Love Is The Answer)
  • Healing Time On Earth

Also never released on an album were the songs "Storms of November", written by John for the Jacques-Cousteau-Special "Stairway To The Sea", as well as "Alcyone, the Wind" and "The Whale Song", which appear in "The Secret World of Whales and Dolphins" (also a Cousteau-Special).

Besides this, there are countless songs which John sang in television shows etc. and which were never released on an album.

How many videos did John release?           (to the top)
In the 1970s already, John used films and slide shows to "illustrate" some of his songs - thus, in a way,  "Matthew", "The Eagle and The Hawk", "Mother Nature's Son" and "Calypso" had something like videos with them.
"Real" Videos in the later sense are:

  • “Let Us Begin (What Are We Making Weapons For?)”
  • “Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight”
  • “Flying for Me”
  • “Country Girl in Paris”
  • “High, Wide and Handsome” (has anybody ever seen this??)
  • “Raven's Child”
  • "Potter's Wheel"

In which television shows did John appear?           (to the top)
Listing all appearances would go beyond the scope of this site - because of this, here also a selection of the most important appearances/specials/TV films:

  • 1974 - The John Denver Special
  •                A Family Event
  • 1975 - An Evening with John Denver
  • 1976 - Rocky Mountain Christmas
  • 1977 - Thank God I'm A Country Boy
  • 1978 - John Denver and Friends
  •             Rocky Mountain Reunion
  •             John Denver in Australia
  •             Grammy Awards – Host
  •             Alaska (The American Child)
  • 1979 - Grammy Awards – Host
  •             John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together
  • 1980 - The Higher We Fly
  • 1981 - John Denver and George Burns: Two of a Kind
  •             Music and the Mountains
  • 1982 - Grammy Awards – Host
  • 1984 - Rocky Mountain Holiday
  • 1986 - Leftovers
  •             The Christmas Gift
  • 1987 - Foxfire - with Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn
  • 1988 - Higher Ground
  •             John Denver’s Christmas in Aspen
  • 1990 - Christmas in Washington – Host
  • 1995 - The Wildlife Concert (A&E)
  • 1998 - Let This Be a Voice (PBS)

Not to forget the two movies John appeared in:

  • Oh God!
  • Walking Thunder (which actually never made it to the cinemas, but showed up on Video/DVD and on TV later...)

and a film about John's life with Chad Lowe

  • Take Me Home - The John Denver Story

He also had guest appearances in the television series "Owen Marshall" (episode "The Camerons Are A Special Clan") and "McCloud" (episode "The Colorado Cattle Caper").

Which stars did he sing duets with?           (to the top)
For official recordings:

  • Olivia Newton-John (Fly Away)
  • Emmylou Harris (Wild Montana Skies)
  • Aleksandre Gradsky (Let Us Begin)
  • The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (And So It Goes)
  • Michael Murphy (Swans Against The Sun, Mansion On The Hill
  • John Stewart (Survivors)
  • Placido Domingo (Perhaps Love)
  • Sylvie Vartan (Love Again)
  • Kosetsu Minami (The Flower That Shattered The Stone, Carelessly)
  • Lene Siel (Perhaps Love)

During appearances, in TV shows etc.:

  • e.g.. Barry Manilow
  • Glen Campbell
  • Karen Carpenter
  • Johnny Cash
  • Frank Sinatra (they also repeatedly did concerts in Lake Tahoe together)
  • Peter, Paul and Mary
  • Mama Cass Elliot
  • Lulu
  • Donovan

.... I fear, the try to get anything only close to a complete list together here is doomed to failure... :-)

Which shows/concerts/films have been officially released on video and/or DVD?           (to the top)

  • A Portrait (Video, DVD)
  • Video I (Video)
  • The Wildlife Concert (Video, DVD)
  • Montana Christmas Skies (Video, DVD)
  • Alaska - The American Child (Video)
  • John Denver Remembered (Video)
  • Oh God (DVD)
  • Walking Thunder (Video, DVD)
  • Higher Ground (Video, DVD)
  • The Leftovers (Video, English and German version, DVD English version)
  • The Christmas Gift (Video, DVD)
  • Foxfire (Video, DVD)
  • Let This Be A Voice (Video, DVD)
  • Videoke (Concert from Australia with Karaoke-Function -- released in Asia) (Video, DVD)
  • Rocky Mountain Holiday (Video, DVD)
  • A Song's Best Friend (DVD)
  • Live (contains the same material as "The Wildlife Concert) (DVD)
  • Country Roads (contains excerpts from "Wildlife Concert) (DVD)
  • Around the World Live (DVD)
  • Take Me Home - The John Denver Story (Film about John with Chad Lowe) (DVD)


Films with "guest appearances" by John:

  • In Partnership with Earth (Video)
  • The Mitchell Trio Reunion (Video, DVD)
  • The Muppet Show (DVD)
  • Frank Sinatra and Friends (DVD)
  • Peter, Paul and Mary (DVD)
  • Will The Circle Be Unbroken - The Making of the Album Vol. II (Video)
  • Live from Greenwich Village (Mitchell Trio) (Video)
  • Cousteau, The Secret World of Whales and Dolphins (John is the narrator as well) (Video)
  • Fire And Ice (narrator) (Video, DVD)
  • Winds of Everest (narrator) (Video)
  • Doris Day Today (DVD)
  • Barry Manilow - The First Television Specials (DVD)

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"music and communication" - John Denver Club in Germany       (to the top)

Why and how was the German JD-Fan Club founded?           (to the top)

I hope it is okay, when I (Inge) explain my personal motivation here, since I am the only "original member" who is still active on the staff...
In the beginning, I was mainly after getting in touch with like-minded people, others who loved John Denver's music as much as I do. Through another German club, which folded many years ago, and then especially the club "The World of John Denver" in the Netherlands, I became aware of the "World Family of John Denver", and thought the idea of being in touch with people for all over the world and not only support John and his music, but also his projects, was just great and fascinating.
I also wanted to be part of this (in case this sounds a little naive to you -- I had just turned 19 at that time... :-))!
With Doris, Eva, Ina and Marion, I tried for approval to found a Fan Club - the rest is history....

What is the club doing?           (to the top)

Here, we would like to refer to the "about us"-page on this website...

How many members does the club have?         
(to the top)
Right now, more than 470 people have subscribed to our newsletters in either German or English..

When did the regular meetings start?         
(to the top)
As a matter of fact - we had them right from the start - the first club meeting took place in 1981 already, though is was a very small one. 1982 then, we organized the first  Weekend, which has been taking place every year since then. 1996 we added the "getting-to-know-each-other-days".

What is the club committed to?                     
(to the top)
Of course we would like to inform and bring together all interested John Denver Fans - keep John's music and his memory alive - but we also want to continue his commitment to the world and its inhabitants, men or animals, as much as we are able to.
Right now, our main targets are the orchard we planted ourselves and giving financial support to the wild bird care station in Kirchwald, not far away from Sinzig, where staff member Gabi lives.

How many Fan Clubs are existing worldwide?     
            (to the top)
This is a tough question now, in the age of the internet...
From the "official" clubs, which had been existing already at times when nobody even thought of the internet, only "JDMAS (John Denver Music Appreciation Society)" in Australia, "The World of John Denver" in the Netherlands, well, and us have remained. All of them have completely switched to email notifications by now...
Back then, the number of official clubs was intentionally kept really small to allow communication between them. This worked perfectly - information, newspapers, photos etc. were swapped worldwide.
The term "The World Family of John Denver", which is nowadays used by one of the best known fan pages, "", stood from the 70s for this "association"  of the John Denver Clubs in the USA, England, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
There are countless clubs on the internet - the biggest and best know should, besides "",  be "Friends of John Denver" in England and "Rocky Mountain High".

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