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20/06/2021 Exclusive Radio is an Online Radio Station playing exclusively John Denver.
You can hear the station online or via a Radio App on the smartphone

Here the station’s homepage: Click

Here you can hear the station via the online Radio App: Click

You can follow the station on the following websites:
Click 1
Click 2

You can see the station‘s playlist here:

And here a facebook post about it.:

They also broadcast interviews with John between the songs.... so it will certainly be interesting for many of us.

Seeing and considering the decreasing Covid-19 incidence rates. we have decided to be optimistic and open registration for the  John Denver Weekend 2021.

Of course we cannot be sure at the current time if it will be possible to really let the Weekend take place --- but right now, we simply expect to be able to go ahead.

Of course we also have to be aware that IN ANY CASE a negative Covid Test, a vaccination or the recovery from a Covid infection has to be proven to participate in the Weekend -- and YES, this is going to be checked...

In case you are interested in joining us, please first of all contact our Weekend Team via weekend@johndenver.de about the registration procedure, we will fill you in then. Please do NOT contact the Jugendhaus directly....


Happy New Year!!