30 Years

Dec. 29th, 1980

Something happens that we never would have expected seriously; we receive a letter from Aspen, giving us approval to form a John Denver Fan Club in Germany.
"We", that were at that time Doris Bungert, the sisters Eva, Ina and Marion Wolf and me, Inge Kaminski. In November, we had travelled to the Denver Day in Haarlem in the Netherlands all together. Each of us had tried already to get approval for a John Denver Club, but it never had worked out. On the drive home, we decided to try it one more time. This time, we were successful.
We giggled that John had "given us the approval for Christmas", and then we set out to take action regarding this gift. We may only have had quite vague imaginations about how to manage that, but we were full of enthusiasm and did go for it.

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