2002 and before

    • On October 4th und 5th, 2003 we will meet again for our annual Denver Weekend.
    • The film "Take me Home - The John Denver Story" about John is available on DVD from amazon.de - here is the direct link. Price ist 15,99 Euro plus postage. Please note that this DVD is in region code 2 (Europe), so please make sure your player can play this format. Opinions about the film are rather different - just make up your own mind... ;-)
    • At amazon.com you can now order "Rocky Mountain Holiday" on video and DVD! Here is the link to the DVD. This one is in region code 1 (USA and Canada).
    • As you may know, John recorded the song "Perhaps Love" in Danmark together with Lene Siel - this morning, I visited the lady's website --- and believe it or not, I found a video showing John and Lene in the studio together, singing the song! Follow this link - then go down the songlist with the little arrows to the last song, and you will see "Video".
    • A book, lovingly illustrated by Christopher Canyon, about "Sunshine On My Shoulders" can be ordered from amazon.de - here is the referring link. This is the hard cover edition with CD (includes "Sunshine On My Shoulders" and "The Music Is You", sung by John) - the book is also available without CD and as paperback.
    • Two Mitchell Trio Alben with have been published on a CD - you can order it here. The CD includes "That's The Way It's Gonna Be" and "Violets Of Dawn". It costs $ 18,95, you have to add postage.
    • Some of you may have heard about this guitar already – Taylor, the guitar trademark John mostly playes, release a guitar in memory of John. Here you can see some photos.
One source you can get it from is Windstar - if you order it there, the foundation will get part of the proceeds...
    • A tribute song for John is on the market in Germany - here you can hear a sample in mp3-format - with a heartfelt thank you to the singer , Thomas Rothfuss, for allowing us to introduce the title here. "Take me Home, John Denver" has been available as a CD Single since August 15th, 2002.
  • In the USA in April and in Germany in early Juli, another Live-Album from John was released - it is called "The Harbor Lights Concert" and includes two previously unreleased songs - the Country Classic "El Paso" and the John Denver composition "Kissing You Goodbye". You can get the album from here:
    • Country.de had a special portrait of John in January and February 2002.

For Country fans, a visit to this (German) page is always worthwhile...

    • Cherry Lane Music published a book in March 2002 with (as they say) all lyrics from John. Well, "all" lyrics is said a bit too much, but it is still a rather extensive compilation and should be part of any John Denver collection.

The book can be ordered from here:

    • On January 23, 2001, RCA - a lot of you will say FINALLY - released John's album "Autograph" on CD. Besides the songs from the LP, it will also include two bonus tracks, "Dance Little Jean" and "On The Wings Of An Eagle".
    • "An Evening With John Denver" is also available again as a double CD - and it also includes some bonus tracks now.
    • And yet another album - the often announced and long awaited live album "Sing Australia" was, now finally released on July 2nd, 2001. For further info, please follow this link. (sorry, it doesn't always work. You can also get info from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)
  • Right in time for Christmas season, we John Denver Fans were in for a special treat in 2001 - a live Christmas album was just released. It was unfortunately only published in the USA, is called "Christmas In Concert" and it is soooo good!!!! About this also, you can get further info from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you would like to order it, you can do this here - probably when Christmas time comes around:
    • John's guitar player Pete Huttlinger released a John Denver guitar style instructional video - here you can learn how to play 7 of John's song "original" style. Further info can be obtained here.
    • "Country Roads" was one of THE party hits in Summer 2001 in a House version. (By the way exactly 30 years after John was in the charts with this song!)

More infos are available directly from the Hermes House Band, who re-recorded the song.